Cash Plugins Overview

Finally available for any site that uses Cash Crusader script, we offer great add-ons that work within the Cash Crusader script itself. Our plug-ins empower program owners with tools and ways to increase the profitability of their programs, and making the daily jobs less time consuming and more exciting. These new plug-ins open up a whole new range of possibilities on web sites that use Cash Crusader scripts.

A plug-in is an add-on package that is written by a programmer and placed in the /plug-ins directory. Plug-ins add more features to the Cash Crusader software package. All plug-ins will continue to work even after updating your Cash Crusader scripts so there is no reason to have to reinstall it after every update.

Why Use Plug-ins?

  • Plug-ins allow program owners to create new and resourceful income for their websites.
  • Plug-ins save time thus allowing program owners to concentrate more on the day to day function of their websites.
  • Owners using plug-ins show their willingness to invest in the future of their websites

Why Cash Plugins?

Our services are not limited to developing and selling plug-ins for Cash Crusader scripts. We also offer free unlimited updates and support for each plug-ins we sell. If you have a plug-ins idea, and you want to translate it to a real working plug-ins, is the right place for you. We offer custom programming for a reasonable price. Other services and products are available such as web templates and custom designs for new site owners for their Cash Crusader website, custom banner design, plug-ins and Cash Crusader script installation.